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NM opens Bohol exhibits on Natural History, saguran talks

Philippine Information Agency
20 Jun 2019, 00:38 GMT+10

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, Jun. 13 (PIA)--The National Museum (NM) through its satellite office in Bohol opened its museum's gallery doors to Boholano cultural advocates, teachers, students and tourists to two events immediately after officially accepting the donation from the Provincial Government.

ENDEMIC FLORA. Bohol's previleged position in the middle of the world's biodiversity hotspot allows it to have plants that are barely documented, as those placed in these line of showcases. (PIA/Bohol)

The day after NM Director Jeremy Barns accepted the deed of donation to the restored two storey 1855 old Capitol building, Barns, along with Bohol Administrator Alfonso Damalerio cut the ceremonial ribbon to signify the official opening of the Exhibit of Bohol Natural History, now at the Governor's Gallery of the new NM Bohol Satellite Office in Tagbilaran City.

The exhibit showcases a graphic display of the evolution of the island of Bohol, based on its geological foundations from the oldest rock substrate called the Alicia schist which subsisted towards the Jurassic period, to the most recent Maribojoc limestone, which characterizes most of Bohols southwest side.

The exhibit also easily becomes connected to the evolution of Bohol's most unique geological formations: the Chocolate Hills.

Being strategically located in the middle of the country which has been pinned as a biodiversity hotspot, and with largely karst surfaces, Bohol is also host to numerous undocumented flora and fauna including plants that survive inside dark caves and birds that live deep inside caves.

Bohol seas, which connect with the Pacific to the east, Mindanao sea off to Celebes and the West Philippine Sea, has been a route for pelagic migratory cetaceans and fish, opening up tourism opportunities for dolphin and whale watching tours.

In the exhibit too, are a plenty of fossilized shells, a diorama of the typical coral reef, bones of whales and skulls of dolphins found in Bohol waters.

The exhibit also features the tarsier, Bohols wildlife ace-in-the-sleeves showcase.

The exhibit runs indefinitely and is open to anyone who will be subjected to museum rules.

Last June 13, NM along with Holy Name University and the Department of Trade and Industry opened the museum's Gallery 5, of the 2nd floor to Heritage Lecture on Saguran: Paghabol sa Bol-anong Kapanulundan.

The lectures on saguran aims to put on the spotlight on the revived tradition of cottage weaving using buli, according to Emmylou Palacio-Noel, information officer.

Specifically, the talk hopes to outline Bohols weaving tradition especially the saguran, she added.

The lecture also comes with a demonstration on the processes employed in traditional saguran weaving and ultimately presents the economic and financial viability of weaving and its material sustainability.

The talks, started with an orientation on the history of saguran weaving in Bohol by HNU Office of Cultural Affairs and Development Director Professor Jose Marianito Luspo.

The talk tackled about the available sources of fiber and the need for handwovens from loin cloths to other utilitarian use, all spun from

MARIBOJOC LIMESTONE. The earthquake in 2013 was most devastating on the towns with maribojoc limestone substrates as this is the most porous and less bound kind of soil, explains historian Jose Marianito Luspo during the opening of the exhibit. (PIA/Bohol)

that were regular fixtures of Boholano silong sa balay in the 1960.

DTI senior trade and industry development specialist Blair Panong talked about the sustainability and economic viability of the saguran woven products.

Tubigon Loomweavers Multi purpose coop chairman Ma. Trina Sumayang also lectured about the sustainability of the saguran industry.

Day 2 of the lecture had Marilou Cosare demonstrating the revived hand loom weaving for the participants which include teachers, high school and college students and cultural workers. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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